This page contains a collection of  miscellaneous items of interest which have some relevance to the history.
They are in no particular order.


1. HMS Barcock  

1. HMS Barcock:
Yes, there was an HMS Barcock! I came across a reference to it somewhere and found out that it was a Boom defence vessel of the Bar class from a Web site about German U-boats,, about the U-Boat war 1939-1945. It was one of a number of defence ships called Boom defence vessels;
HMS Barcock (Z 177)
Boom defence vessel of the Bar class
Launched:    3 Sep, 1941
From the Australian War memorial records;
    Boom defence vessels are distinctive in appearance, with long horns projecting beyond the bows
    and rounded sterns to facilitate the handling of nets, booms, buoys, cable and other impedimenta
    necessary to provide a barrier to protect harbours from raiding craft and submarines.
    Bar-class boom defence vessels
    768 tons 54.4 x 9.82 x 4.26 11.5 knots 1 x 3-inch gun complement 32
I don't have a picture of HMS Barcock, but here is one of one of her sister ships;
HMS Barfoss HMS Barfoss. Bar-class boom defense vessel, sister ship of HMS Barcock.