When I was sorting through the IGI* for the Barcocks in the direct line, I came across a lot of families from the City of London around the 1600s
This was the around the times of Samuel Pepys who was born in 1633 near to St. Brides Church, and also the time of the Plague, and Great fire of London in 1666, so it seemed an interesting branch to investigate.
It did indeed prove to be very interesting and although I have not been able to find the vital link with my branch of the family, there must have been some connection.
The locations and names of the churches where they were Christened  and married are very evocative. St. Brides Fleet Street is the "Printers Church" and I have been there to services when I lectured at the London College of Printing. St. Margarets Westminster is next to the Abbey and used for services associated with the Houses of Parliament opposite. St. Martins in the Fields is the famous church in Trafalgar Square, Allhallows London Wall still exists, and so on.
I collected the information and took it on a day out with my granddaughter Freya, visiting the area and the Museum of London and also the Tower of London.
At the Museum, which is at London Wall, I bought a copy of the "Copperplate Map". This is an old map made before the Great Fire  and shows the locations of the Churches mentioned in the Barcocks records. The amazing thing is that the relevant section to my researches was only recently found in a museum in Germany. It was previously thought to be lost and is referred to as "The lost map". The map is the first known example of an "aerial view" type map.
I am including the relevant sections here in this page with all the information I have on the London Barcocks and images connected with them that I have gathered together .
* IGI  International  Genealogical Index is at


This fascinating map I discovered on a visit to the Museum of London on a day out with my granddaughter Freya in 2001. We had many such trips out together which I shall always fondly remember. On this occasion we were making our main destination the Tower of London but taking in the Museum of London as well and looking at some of the places where the London Barcocks lived back in the 1600s.
I was looking for a momento in the museum shop and bought the copy of the map. It is indeed an incredible record of the district of the City before the Great Fire of London in 1666 destroyed much of the area. Amazingly, much of the layout of the streets and their names are still the same, as complete redesigning of the area was rejected in favour of  restoration and rebuilding of the existing dwelling places. The great exception to this was St Pauls Cathedral, which as imposing as the huge spire was on the original, Wren's dome and new cathedral is a magnificent London landmark. The old St. Pauls with its great spire can be seen on the map but, more interesting to me, so also can be seen several of the Parish Churches where the Barcocks' births and marriages are recorded. I have listed all the records I could find on the IGI* in the following sections and below are some enlargements from the Copperplate Map with reference to the churches named in the records. (These are not on the web for reasons of copyright).
Copperplate Map 1
                                            Part of Moorfields section.

Part of the Moorfields section of the Copperplate Map showing Allhallows Church, London Wall, marked 12, which still exists.
Joseph Barcock born abt.1632 married Ellinor Sawer there on the 7th. July 1653.
John Barcock born abt. 1661, married Katherine Pryor there on 23rd. November,1682.
The children of  Christoffer Barcock, born abt. 1598, and  Blaud were Christened there.
Also, the children of  Edward  Barcock, born abt. 1599, and  Jane were Christened there.
Also on this part of the map, marked 15, is Winchester House with the first recorded picture of a knotted garden.
At 18 is Carpenters Hall.

Copperplate Map 2
                                              Part of St. Pauls section
Part of the St. Pauls section of the map showing St. Brides Church, marked * and 120, bottom left
St. Brides is well known to me as the Printers' Church and it is where the 3 recorded children of Frauncis Barcock were Christened in 1592, 1606 and 1608 respectively.
St. Sepulchre's Church is at 105 marked * top left centre. That's where the children of Joseph, born abt. 1661 & Katherine Barcock were Christened.
Also, the son of John, born abt.1662 and Katherine Barcock was Christened there, as well as the son of Thomas, born abt.1663 and Elizabeth Barcock was Christened there.
Some of the many other interesting points on this part of the map are, Fleet Street going down past St Brides, over the Fleet river to Ludgate and Ludgate Hill, marked 94,
St. Pauls Cathedral is at 92, Paternoster Row at 95 and the Old Bailey in the centre at 104.
It is amazing that so many of these City landmarks are still there today. Most of the locations relating to the Barcocks are still there but no more are featured on the parts of the Copperplate map.


Details taken from IGI*

1. Frauncis Barcock born abt 1571 married abt 1592 wife unknown
1. John Barcock bapt. 6.12.1592 St. Bride Fleet Street.
2. Jone Barcock  bapt. 25.1.1606 St. Bride Fleet Street
3. Susan Barcocke  bapt. 9.10.1608 St. Bride Fleet Street

2. Christoffor Barcocke born abt 1598 married abt 1619 to Blaud.
1. Christoffor bapt. 17.10.1619 Allhallows London Wall.
2. Christofer bapt. 13.1.1621 Allhallows London Wall

3. Edward Barcock born abt. 1599 married  abt. 1620 to Jane
1. Sarah bapt. 20.2.1620 Allhallows London Wall.
2. Susanna bapt. 4.11.1627 St. Benet Fink London

4. Edmund Barcock born abt.1605 married 12.10.1626 St. Benet Fink to Alice Adames
1. Anne bapt. 27.8.1629 St. Benet Fink London, possible married John Yeamons 13.9.1649 St. Benet Fink London
2. John bapt. 8.3.1621 St. Benet Fink London
3. Elizabeth bapt. 20.3.1634 St. Benet Fink London
4. Mary bapt. 22.7.1636 St. Benet Fink London
5. William bapt. 26.3.1641 St. Benet Fink London
6. Sarah bapt.29.8.1638 St. Benet Fink London, possible married John Oatridge 30.3.1658 St. Benet Fink London
7. Edmund bapt. 5.5.1644 St. Benet Fink London
8. Benjamin bapt.18.5.1646 St. Benet Fink London
9. Samuell bapt.10.10.1647 St. Benet Fink London

5. Christopher Barcocke born abt.1607 married abt. 1628 wife unknown
1. Blandyna bapt. 15.3.1628 St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London
2. Anne bapt. 20.3.1630 St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London

6. Christopher Barcock born abt.1615 married abt. 1636 to Elizabeth
1. Josuah bapt. 29.5.1636 St.Mary Whitechapel, Stepney
2. Samuel bapt. 27.8.1637 St.Dunstan, Stepney
3. Joshua bapt. 13.3.1641 St.Dunstan, Stepney      }twins?
4. Benjamin bapt. 13.3.1641 St.Dunstan, Stepney  

7. Oliver Barcock born abt.1617 married abt. 1638 to Susan
1. Joseph Barcock bapt. 6.1.1638 St. Boltoph Without Aldgate, London

8. Joseph Barcock born abt. 1632 married 7.7.1653 Allhallows London Wall to Ellinor Sawer
1. Joseph bapt. 2.5.1654 St. Boltoph Without Aldgate, London
2. Jacob bapt. 7.10.1655 St. Boltoph Without Aldgate, London
3. Benjamin bapt. 15.3.1656 St. Boltoph Without Aldgate, London

9. Thomas (Thomae) Barcock
born abt. 1645 married abt 1665 Catherine
1. William (Guiliemus) bapt. 20.1.1666 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster.(NB year of the Great Fire).
2. Carolus bapt. 28.2.1668 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
3. Anna bapt. 9.1.1673 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
4. Catherina bapt. 5.3.1675 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster.

10. Christopher Barcock born abt 1631
Mary Barcock bpt. 26.9.1653 St. Giles Cripplegate London

11. Joseph Barcock born abt. 1661, married to Elizabeth.
William bpt. 17.9.1682 St. Sepulchre, London

12. John Barcock born abt. 1662  married to Katherine
William bpt. 27.1.1683 St. Sepulchre, London

13. Thomas Barcock born abt. 1663, married to Elizabeth.
Thomas bpt. 7.12.1684 St. Sepulchre, London

4. LONDON BARCOCKS SINGLE ENTRIES grouped by churches.

Alice Barcock
born abt. 1586, married John Saueley 30.9.1607 St.Dunstan, Stepney
Rebecca Barcock born abt 1527, married Roger Webster St. Dunstan, Stepney
William Barcock bapt. 17.6.1660 St.Dunstan, Stepney


Sarah Barcock
 born abt. 1613, married William Briggs 10.8.1634 St. John, Hackney London


Thomas Barcock born abt. 1615 married 1.11.1636 St. Giles Cripplegate London to Priscilla Whitehall


Mary Barcock
born abt 1617, married Robert Gibbot 5.11.1638 St. Benet Fink London

Mary Barcock born abt. 1647, married John Dison 2.10.1668 St. Margaret Westminster

John Barcock born abt. 1661, married 14.6.1682 St. James Dukes Place to Anne Boothe
James Barcock born abt 1664, married 22.12.1685 St. James Dukes Place to Mary Atklam
Mary Barcock born abt. 1668, married John Edwards 9.2.1689 St. James Dukes Place.


John Barcock born abt. 1661, married 23.11.1682 Allhallows London Wall to Katherine Pryor.

Samuell Barcock born abt.1666 (year of the Great Fire) married 30.4.1687 St. Michael Cornhill to Ellenor Toucks.